How Many Airports are in Omaha Nebraska?

Omaha is located in the city of Nebraska. The town is located in the Midwest side of the United States and is the largest city in Nebraska State. The city has a population of approximately 1.3 million people and is nicknamed the Gateway to the West because of its long history in transportation in the USA. Omaha has some major airports in the USA and airlines such as Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and Allegiant Air Airlines fly into the city. There are several airports in Omaha, Nebraska some of which are listed and elaborated below.

1. Omaha Airport
Omaha Airport popularly known as Eppley Airfield Airport is an international airport hub that serves the entire city of Omaha. Eppley Airport handles an average of 120 flights per day and is the busiest and largest airport in Nebraska City. The airport is so vast, and it manages the highest number of passengers in Nebraska, approximately ten times more than all the other airports in Nebraska combined. In the year 2018, the airport recorded its busiest year in history by handling more than 5 million passengers.

2. Millard Airport Fbo
Millard Airport is located approximately seven miles from the central business district of Omaha and is a public airport that is owned and managed by the Omaha Airport Authority. In the year 2005, the airport handled approximately 72,300 aircraft operations meaning it had an approximate of 198 flights per day. Millard Airport was assigned MLE by the Omaha Airport Authority which means Male International Airport.

3. Plattsmouth Municipal Airport
The Plattsmouth Municipal Airport is located in Omaha in Cass County. The Plattsmouth Municipal Airport is a public airport that started operations on September 1973. The airport handles an average of 56 flights per day and some of the aircraft it handles daily are military flights.

4. North Omaha Airport
The North Omaha Airport is a private airport owned by Keith Edquist. The airport is located in Douglas County which is approximately eight miles from the central business district of Omaha City. In 2008, the airport handled an average of 38 flights daily totaling to about 14,250 flights in a year.

The above airports are the four major airports that operate in Omaha, Nebraska with the Eppley Airport being the largest. The passenger terminal of the Eppley Airport is a complex one that is subdivided into three sections. The sections are the South Terminal, the North Terminal, and the Central Terminal. Additionally, Omaha Airport provides the following services to its passengers: restaurants, free Wi-Fi services, parenting rooms, shops, and baggage claim centers among other services.

Parking Rates at Omaha Airport
On top of the outstanding services, the Omaha Airport parking fee has been subsidized to fit the budgets of its passengers. There are various parking packages at Omaha Airport.

1. Premier Parking Package has a flat rate of 23.50 dollars for every 24 hours.
2. South Canopy Parking has a flat rate of 10.50 dollars for every 24 hours.
3. North Long-Term Parking has a flat rate of 7 dollars for each 24 hours period.
4. South Long-Term Parking has a flat rate of 6 dollars for each 24 hours period.

In a nutshell, the above airports in Omaha, Nebraska offer convenient means of traveling to different cities in the USA. Additionally, Omaha Airport parking charges are very affordable and this minimizes the passengers’ expenses significantly.