Best place to park at Hamilton

Hamilton city is located in the North Island of New Zealand. The airport which is located seven miles away from the city is the gateway for Hamilton and its surrounding areas and is the fourth largest airport in New Zealand. The city is well known for educational and research facilities. It is one of the most populous cities of Waikato region and the third fastest growing urban regions in New Zealand and this is the reason the airport is quite busy throughout the year. Approximately 3 million passengers’ checkout through the Hamilton airport with Air New Zealand, Sun Air and Barrier Air providing international and domestic flights connecting Hamilton to the rest of the world. The airport offers a single terminal and only one parking lot, which means you have to plan a week before if you would like to park there.

Hamilton airport parking

The Hamilton airport parking is just situated outside the main terminal and offers both long-term and short-term parking lots. The parking is fully automated and is accessible 24 x 7 being monitored by security cameras and fully lit up throughout the night. You can book online or can directly turn there out. But booking online is quite easy as you may not get a chance if you turn out there as there are advance booking options with limited slots for parking.

They consider payments through credit/ debit cards from Visa or master cards and they accept cash too. You can get the benefits of discount if you book earlier through their online portal as there are minimal discount plans available. Special rates available for both long-term and short-term parking.

Standard parking charges

* Daily charge: NZ$20.00 (for 24 hours) Maximum

* Less than 15 min: Free of cost

* 15 min – 1 hour: NZ$3.00

* Thereafter hourly charge: NZ$3.00

* Monthly charge: NZ$95.00 Maximum

* Ticket Lost Fee: NZ$95.00

Instructions for Using the Hamilton Airport Parking

You can use online booking system or simply turning up on the day of the departure too is helpful. Please carefully follow the instructions in the booking mail when you opt for online booking.

To book at the time of departure, there are two ways for you.

* Ticket collection at the entry: Simply collect the parking ticket upon the entry. When you plan to leave, take the ticket to the pay station and pay the requested amount. Collect the ticket and show the same at the exit barrier.

* Using a credit card: Use your credit/ visa debit card at the dispensing machine at the car parking barrier arm. Just swipe your card. This will note our entry time, but you will not receive any ticket. Insert the same card in the machine during the exit barrier. The machine will read your card and the amount will be deducted accordingly. Press the appropriate button to receive the receipt. You do not need to visit the pay station.

There is two-ticket dispensing machine located at the center of the car parking area. The pay stations take debit/credit cards, eftpos, notes and coins and do give change.